Easy as 1-2-3: Simple Halloween Costumes

I was brought up with the concept that Halloween costumes should never be store bought, nor should they be fancy sewn creations.  *We just got creative with what we had.*  Typically the night before Halloween we'd start rummaging through our play dress-up clothes, our closets and our recycling pile to find something that would work for a costume.  I was a clown one year, which only required a polkadot shirt, some striped pants, some makeup and a silly hat.
Another year I used my old prom dress to be a princess.  A princess costume is often an easy one if you have a fancy dress that you are done with.  How often do people buy a dress for their child to be a flower girl or go to a fancy party and then never use the dress again?  Two of the bridesmaids from our wedding used their dresses for Halloween costumes the October after we got married.  One was Fiona from Shrek and the other was a fairy godmother... great ideas!
I'm always happy to see the cheaply made, creative costumes come trick-or-treating to our house on Halloween so I decided to share some great ideas that I've come across!
I have created a roundup of costume ideas on Pinterest that are made from cardboard boxes and other household items.  Some of these ideas are so easy that you could make them the night before Halloween.  Best of all, 99% of what you'll see can be done for FREE!!

My personal favorite DIY costume is Pippi Longstocking (a wonderful character from a series of books by Astrid Lindgren).  I have been Pippi at least 3 times for Halloween.  All it takes is a bunch of mismatched items from your closet and really messy braids that stick out with wire or hairspray.  My hair was always not too long which created braids that stuck out without any help.

Here is the link to the Halloween costume ideas that I've pinned for you (I'll add to the board as I come across other ideas)!  This is the first Pinterest board I've created for GotKiddos? but there will be many more!  Come pin with us!

Do you have ideas for easy and free or cheap Halloween costumes?
Please share below!!

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  1. That winter hat hair wig is FABULOUS! I'm thinking with a totally funky hat it could be super fun!

    1. Yes the hat wig seems to be the fave! It has been re-pinned lots of times already. :) I think it would make a good hairdo for a Poly Pocket costume or something like that.