Change for the Better

Close your eyes and think... do you know someone who makes your life challenging because of their personality? Often people that we feel that way about are people that we have to be around all the time: bosses, family members, classmates, coworkers, etc. Here is a technique that could change that forever.  This is a post (see link below) that I wrote almost a year ago. It's a technique from the behavior class that I took, but unlike most of the techniques that we learned, this one can be used with any age. To quote the post "It can be done with any person you know from about age 2 (maybe 1 1/2) up to 102." This method is easy to do and has an almost magical result.


Baby's First Gifts: Inspiring Ideas for 0-1 Year-Olds

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Many people have a really hard time deciding what to get babies for holidays.  Baby's first Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa is such a special time and family members want to get Baby just the right gift.
While some people suggest wrapping up boxes of diapers or baby food (which is a great idea), others want to actually give real gifts.  I think it is especially important to get "real gifts" for Baby if the baby you are buying for has an older sibling.  The older sibling is going to wonder why their baby didn't get anything to play with like he or she did.
So... here is the list!