3 Ways to Give Kids Your Time and Attention While Still Getting Things Done

Some mom bloggers will tell you that you should spend every moment of your energy and time on your kids because they are growing up so quickly that you're going to miss the good stuff if you spend your time cleaning.  I think that sounds lovely and I love spending time with my kids but when our house gets messy, it makes me feel totally out of sorts and that's not good for my kids either.  Order around me creates order and peace in my mind and that makes me a better parent.  I should also add on a side note that I think kids should know how to and be encouraged to play on their own some of the time.  Kids imaginations can soar when they are left alone.

So, what is the happy medium between ignoring them all of the time in order to keep everything perfect and spending all of your time with them and letting everything else fall to shambles?

If you are looking for this kind of balance, here are 3 very clear rules to set for yourself.