Wow Dough

Here's a great recipe for a dough like concoction that we made today!  It is super fast and easy to make with no cooking involved and only 2 ingredients!  This is one that we'll be making many times over, for sure!

I've actually renamed this awesome stuff.  A few mom friends of mine had made it after finding it on Pinterest and it was called "Cloud Dough" on there.  However, unlike other doughs that people have given specific names to, "Cloud Dough" seems to have multiple identities.  I thought this was a bit confusing so I decided to rename this one, "Wow Dough."  It certainly lives up to its new name!

Ok, here's the recipe.
Safety Note: This dough contains non-food ingredients.  Don't let your kids/babies consume this.

2 parts cornstarch
1 part hair conditioner
food coloring (optional)

Yes, that is all.

Put all ingredients in a bowl and stir.  When it is mostly mixed up, knead it a lot with your hands (take your rings off first) and that will make it really smooth and clumped into a ball.  You can add food coloring after you've made it.  Knead it a LOT to get the color to spread through the whole ball of dough.
Once it is done, I'd suggest giving it to your kids on something like a plastic plate that will keep it somewhat contained.  It crumbles easily even though it is a really smooth dough.  It also sticks to surfaces easily.

Have Fun!

Note: You may want to take into consideration the kind of hair conditioner you use for this dough.  The smell of that much conditioner can a bit much.  The scent took over our kitchen today.  It was nice but very strong.

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