Put the Device Down!

I *love* technology.
I also *love* that we live in a unique area where there is no cell service.
I know, mind blowing, isn't it?
What that means is that when people are hanging out with their children or friends here... they're JUST hanging out together!
No one checks their phone.
No one checks anything.

Eye contact and togetherness happen.
It is a beautiful thing.

When we go anywhere else, it hits me like a brick wall how technology obsessed people are and how much people are ignoring their kids.
We just recently came back from a wonderful family vacation.
This is what we saw a lot of... parents... with their noses and fingers glued to their phones.
Many, many, many of them.
Here's an idea...

Stop reading this post or ANY posts or ANYthing on a screen... put down your device and...
go be together.

Share if you care.  Then go play, talk, meet and greet and just be together.