25 Days of Christmas Fun!

Our household gets very excited when this time of year roles around.  Since we celebrate Christmas I am always looking for fun little activities to do with my kids in the days leading up to it.  I've put together a list of 25 easy and fun ideas here.  You can use them at random or you can use them like an advent calendar.  If you wish to do one a day and you already own an advent calendar with doors or pockets you can print these and put one in each.  If you do not own a calendar like that you can easily make a small clothesline with yarn or string.  Then take clothes pins and number them 1-25.  Clip one activity to each clip.  Another easy idea is to simply print the ideas, fold them up and tape one to each day on a regular December calendar page.

A very important note: Some of these activities are better for certain days depending on your family and your schedule.  I did not write them in a particular order.  Take a look at all of them and put them in the order that works best for you!

Simply print and cut on the lines!  Have fun and let us know how you decide to use them!!
Note: Any that have blue underlined print have links to directions on the web.

make a paper chain (either to decorate with or to count down the days until Christmas)
stringing something to hang on the tree (for younger kids use fat yarn and tape the end to be needle and tie a stopper knot or bead on the other end) - cranberries or popcorn (older kids with real needle and thread), Cheerios or Fruit Loops, colored pasta, pieces of felt with a hold in them, cut up drinking straws, big buttons, etc. 
make pomanders
make kid made wrapping paper
make a gingerbread house with graham crackers on mini milk cartons or make a real gingerbread house
freeze dance (or just dance) to Christmas music
make hand or foot print crafts - *Trace hands or feet instead if they don’t like the feeling of the paint.*
set up a gift wrapping practice station - wrapping paper (precut), scotch tape and building blocks or small empty food boxes such as mac and cheese boxes
make snow dough to play with 
eat out at a restaurant with family
decorate the tree
buy gifts for those who have less - go shopping (good idea to do the dollar store and let the kids use their own money) and kids can pick out some items to give to children who are less fortunate
pick out a Christmas book to read together
make and enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies
write a letter to Santa
go sledding if there is snow (if there is no snow then take an evening drive to see everyone's light decorations on their houses)
have family Christmas movie night with popcorn and hot chocolate
make holiday treats for neighbors or friends
make some handmade Christmas cards for teachers, friends or family

Some ideas for making really cute advent calendars:

Have Fun!
Add your ideas in the comment section below too!!

Also, if you want to add some *silly* into your 25 days... I'll be posting a Christmas or winter joke each day on https://www.facebook.com/GotKiddosBlog so come and check them out once December starts!

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The next 2 blog posts will be "Best Book" posts: Christmas books and December (snow themed) books!!

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  1. We have enough decorated houses so we can walk even a block or two and see many. So much fun to see familiar set-ups return each year and mix with new decorating schemes. It gets dark so early that we can do this before supper so we're not out late or too too cold. That way we get exercise and fresh air and don't have to drive, yet can enjoy lights. Sometimes we sing "Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland," our favorite walking-in-the-snow song.

  2. We read a bunch of Christmas books at this season: *Christmas Pat the Bunny* (thanks, Rachael!), William Joyce's wonderful *Santa Calls,* Jan Brett's Christmas books, *The Nutcracker,* *Madeline's Christmas,* and of course *A Christmas Carol,* *A Visit from St. Nicholas* on Christmas Eve, and the Bible passages. We will probably add the *Yes, Virginia...* essay and eventually *The Gift of the Magi* -- it's hard to choose; we could do a reading a night for the 24 days with no problem. Everyone takes turns reading, tho Dad always does the Joyce, and I do *CPTB.*