Baby's First Gifts: Inspiring Ideas for 0-1 Year-Olds

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Many people have a really hard time deciding what to get babies for holidays.  Baby's first Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa is such a special time and family members want to get Baby just the right gift.
While some people suggest wrapping up boxes of diapers or baby food (which is a great idea), others want to actually give real gifts.  I think it is especially important to get "real gifts" for Baby if the baby you are buying for has an older sibling.  The older sibling is going to wonder why their baby didn't get anything to play with like he or she did.
So... here is the list!

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Kathe Kruse Grabbing Star was one of the best things ever given to our girls.  A high quality toy, beautifully made by a German company.  It has a velcro tab that you can attach a pacifier or anything with a ring.  On another "arm" it has a beautiful smooth wooden ring.  The other "arms" of the star have different things in them for sensory fun!
The star is very light weight and so easy to grab.  Such an adorable gift.  Any baby will love it.

"Taggies" are a GREAT baby invention!  The ball, blanket (this is about 12", not a real blanket size) and blocks are three great choices.  The ball is great because a baby that is lying on it's back can reach to the side and grab onto a tag.  The blocks are hollow cloth blocks (and practically weightless) so that they are easy for tiny hands to hold and play with. CLICK HERE TO BUY TAGGIES

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Another great item for babies is the Vulli Sophie Giraffe Teether.  What an adorable giraffe and it is made from all natural rubber.  A classic teether that is made safe for baby!  What a great combo!

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If you want to give Baby something special that they'll love for years to come you could choose an "I See Me" book.  These are books that have the baby or child's name in them as part of the story so that the book is actually about them!  The illustrations are beautiful!  Such a unique and special gift!
These are just 3 of the 19 books that they offer.  The other books have other themes like pirates and princesses, abc's and animals.  They also sell lots of other items to personalize.

images from "I See Me"
Another book idea is to get them a blank board book and make a book just for them.  Sweet, personal and perfect for a little baby!
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images from HabaUSA.com
Lastly, "HABA" is a company that makes zillions of beutiful toys out of wood and cloth with tons of items for babies.  The teething ring that is shown is just one of their many creations. CLICK HERE TO SEE HABA TOYS - also available on Amazon.com.

We'd love to hear from you!  What gifts did you get for your baby for their first winter holiday?

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